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Up to 5% of Americans live with the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. At Urgent Orthopaedic Care, board-certified orthopedic surgeon Vlad Gendelman, MD, QME, AME, FAAOS, offers comprehensive carpal tunnel syndrome care at his offices in the Echo Park and North Hollywood areas of Los Angeles, California. From nonsurgical options like splinting to minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Gendelman can find a carpal tunnel solution for you. Call the office nearest you or book your appointment online now.

Carpal Tunnel Q & A

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a problem with the tissues around your median nerve, the main nerve on the palm side of your hand. Your median nerve provides both motor and sensory signals that allow you to move and feel your forearm, wrist, and hand, including your fingers.

When the tissues around your median nerve swell, it puts pressure on the nerve and leads to the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. 

There are many possible reasons for this swelling, including individual wrist anatomy, injuries like wrist fractures, chronic diseases like arthritis, hormone fluctuations, and repetitive hand movements. 

What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause discomfort in and around the median nerve, which might take the form of:

  • Pain in your wrist and hand
  • Tingling sensation in your fingers
  • Numbness in your hand or fingers
  • Weakness in your hand

Carpal tunnel syndrome may cause radiating symptoms, such as pain or other sensations that shoot from your wrist toward your elbow. 

Symptoms usually happen while actively using your hands, for example, when holding a tablet device, but you can also experience sudden symptoms that wake you up at night. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms usually are sporadic at first and then increase over time. If not treated early, carpal tunnel syndrome can eventually cause permanent nerve damage. 

How does carpal tunnel treatment work?

Dr. Gendelman makes every effort to treat carpal tunnel syndrome using nonsurgical means. Some conservative measures that usually help with carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms include bracing, medication, physical rehabilitation, and anti-inflammatory and anesthetic injections. 

Multiwave Locked System (MLS®) laser therapy uses dual wavelengths of laser light to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. It’s a highly effective option for noninvasive symptom relief and healing, with up to 90% of MLS laser therapy patients experiencing significant improvement.

If conservative approaches don’t ease your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, Dr. Gendelman can explain your other treatment options, including carpal tunnel surgery. 

If you need carpal tunnel surgery, Dr. Gendelman expertly performs a procedure to relieve the nerve pressure in your wrist using minimally invasive techniques and tiny incisions. Most carpal tunnel surgeries are outpatient procedures. 

For help with carpal tunnel syndrome, call Urgent Orthopaedic Care or book an appointment using online scheduling now. 

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